P.S. Notes has been updated

P.S. Notes isn’t the only thing that has been updated, either! DayJournal, DayTasks, and P.S. Notes have all been updated. Here are the notes about what’s new.

DayTasks, DayJournal, and P.S. Notes have been updated to use the HeaderBar so they look better and sleeker on your desktop. DayJournal has also been improved to import journal entries made on Blip Journal for iPhone.

Updates To P.S. Notes.

.txt or .md

P.S. Notes now has an option to work with .md files as opposed to .txt files. You can work with one or the other at any given time.

Write Mode

There’s also a new Write Mode you can toggle from the settings menu or by hitting Ctrl-w. In Write Mode, the notes list will hide and the text will perfectly align itself so you can focus on writing. Take a look:

Screenshot from 2016-03-15 23:11:14
Write Mode in P.S. Notes.

The width of your text is perfectly preserved when switching in and out of Write Mode. Try making the notes list wider or the window larger before going into Write Mode to find the best setup for you. P.S. Notes remembers how you like it the next time you open it. Try it out now by installing from the PPA!

Update to DayJournal – Plain text, future-proof journal for Ubuntu – Import from Day One

DayJournal Icon

Originally posted at https://dayone.me/2B1zGZ 

I created DayJournal for Ubuntu after being frustrated with the lack of future-proof solutions there were for keeping a digital journal. DayJournal is designed to save a journal exactly how I would if I was manually creating a journal with plain text files. Entries are saved in an intuitive way behind the scenes, and that is how it is different and why it exists. When you use DayJournal, it means your journal is safe and accessible even when you don’t have DayJournal, unlike other journal apps. Now my journal will outlive the tool I use. DayJournal might die, but my journal will not.

In November 2013, thanks to Progvember, I was encouraged to create a simple mobile counterpart to DayJournal. My idea was to create a simple way to add to my journal when I was away from the desktop. Out came Blip Journal for Android. Blip Journal is designed in a way that encourages quick, short, status-like entries, but also makes writing longer entries comfortable. I was surprised at how natural it was to be able to add to my journal from my phone. This ability quickly became something I needed in a digital journaling tool.

Recent updates to Blip Journal added the ability to add picture entries in addition to text entries. Both DayJournal and Blip Journal can also create an HTML archive of your journal, designed to print from Google Chrome on the desktop, so you can keep a physical copy of your journal as well.

Blip Journal works as a stand-alone journal by itself, but at its heart is meant to work as a companion to DayJournal on the desktop. Entries from Blip Journal can be synced through Dropbox or Ubuntu One, and DayJournal automatically imports these entries. This led to a welcome update to DayJournal that allows for adding any number of pictures to a day’s entry. So any pictures I add to Blip Journal will automatically import into DayJournal as well. All this happens naturally and behind the scenes, so when I open up DayJournal later, this entry will automatically be there…

Oh, did you notice I’m writing this entry in Day One on iOS? DayJournal automatically imports from Day One, too, when syncing Day One entries to Dropbox. This feature is available to try in a beta version of DayJournal available via the testing PPA. Seehttps://burnsoftware.wordpress.com/dayjournal/ for details on installing and more.

I got an iPhone in hopes of developing a Blip Journal app for iOS, but when there’s something like Day One, why not encourage DayJournal users to use the greatest app they can to add to their journal from their mobile device?

Creating future-proof, plain text journal entries from the greatest mobile journaling app? I’m signed up. Are you?

Add Pictures to DayJournal Entries

As of today, you can add pictures to entries in DayJournal! Get the update now and try it out. When you add a picture, a copy of it will be saved into your journal files, and when you create printable archive files, the pictures will show up as expected. All the while keeping the plain text, future-proof spirit of DayJournal.

If you have any issues, please contact me right away.

A picture, in DayJournal!

Images are coming to Blip Journal and DayJournal

Picture Entry in Blip JournalYou can now add picture entries to Blip Journal, and you can get the update shortly from Google Play. This update, in addition to the other recent updates, means Blip Journal is a super-simple way to keep a rich, future-proof journal.

DayJournal will be able to import picture entries from Blip Journal, too. Updates to DayJournal are coming soon!

Automatically import Blip Journal entries into DayJournal

In the newest version of DayJournal, users of Blip Journal will see their blip entries that have been synced to the default Dropbox location be automatically added into their DayJournal entries. The new version should be available from the software center when it is approved. You can try it now by downloading from the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thejambi/thejambi
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dayjournal

Announcing Blip Journal

DayJournal IconFor keeping a future-proof and personal journal on your desktop, DayJournal is great. It lets you create journal entries that are available everywhere because of how it intelligently saves entries as text files that can sync through Dropbox or Ubuntu One. But what would a perfect mobile counterpart to DayJournal be? It’s called Blip Journal.

Blip Journal is an Android app that lets you write short status-like journal updates (called blips) that can sync to Dropbox. You can download the first, simple version of Blip Journal for Android now.

So, how does it tie into DayJournal? From the desktop, DayJournal will soon be able to pull in your blips synced through Dropbox and automatically add them into your journal entries. And now, the update is here!

Update to DayJournal – Print Your Journal!

DayJournal IconDayJournal has been updated and now gives the option to create a complete journal archive file. This creates an html file in your DayJournal folder (find it by selecting View Journal Files and look in the Journal Archives folder). Open that html file in your browser to print a physical copy of your journal entries. The html archive page uses special styles so that when you print it, it looks good. Take a look at an example and check out the print preview!

This update will be available in the Ubuntu Software Center soon or you can buy it directly and download DayJournal now.

Note: Using Google Chrome (or Chromium) works best for printing because it has a great print preview screen where you can choose which pages to print and hide the headers and footers to be printed.

Get DayJournal for Windows for Free

I am reading a chapter about Journaling this week in a book called Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. I encourage you to check out that book, and in honor of it, I am giving away DayJournal for Windows for Free! Download it right now if you’d like.

The Windows version of DayJournal is similar to the Ubuntu version, but much simpler with less features.

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts to use:

Ctrl+O – Change the current DayJournal folder (or think of it as “Open” another journal so you can keep multiple journals)
Ctrl+T – Jump to Today’s entry
Ctrl+J, L, I, or K – Change the selected date by a day or week
Ctrl+D – Add the date to the beginning of the entry
Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- – Increase/decrease font size

DayJournal for Windows is updated and awesome

A minimal, digital, and future-proof way to keep a plain text journal.

With DayJournal, your entries are…

Automatically saved.

Automatically organized.

Automatically yours.

DayJournal saves in .txt files in a no-nonsense way so you can do whatever you want with your files. Sync them with Dropbox. Edit them on your phone. Print them out and put them on the fridge.Why plain text files? To outlast DayJournal itself. Even if you stop using DayJournal, your files are still accessible in any text editor.

Here are some simple keyboard shortcuts to help you out:

Ctrl+O – Change the current DayJournal folder (or think of it as “Open” another journal so you can keep multiple journals)
Ctrl+T – Jump to Today’s entry
Ctrl+J, L, I, or K – Change the selected date by a day or week
Ctrl+D – Add the date to the beginning of the entry
Ctrl+. – Start a bulleted list
Ctrl+=,- – Increase/decrease font size

Sound good? Get DayJournal now.