Blip Journal for Android

DayJournal IconBlip Journal for Android is meant to be a simple, future-proof plain text journal that is made for mobile. It works in a way that encourages short, status-like entries but also allows longer entries as well. In addition to text entries, you can add picture entries as well. You can connect Blip Journal to Dropbox or Ubuntu One, which allows DayJournal for Ubuntu to automatically import entries from Blip Journal into DayJournal, making them perfect companions to each other. Blip Journal also lets you connect to Twitter and automatically imports your tweets into Blip Journal entries. It works great and I am really excited about this project. It’s been a lot of fun and I’d love any feedback you might have. Leave a comment or send me an email at zach at Blip Journal is free on Android, but if you would like to support development and donate a small amount, click here.

25 thoughts on “Blip Journal for Android

    • Thanks Antonio! Glad you like it. I’d also like to add Ubuntu One support and I hope I can work on that soon. But Dropbox was easier to start with, as I’m learning as I go 😉

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. To answer your question: No, sorry, there’s not. The files are saved based on date/time so it’s technically possible to change them by renaming the files, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

      I should say, this is a feature I do not plan on adding. If your journaling style would require doing that, you may want to consider a more robust tool for the job in your case.

    • As a follow up to this.. I have some hopes for putting more work into Blip Journal, and when I get to that work, I’ll add this ability into it. I think it would make sense with the ideas I have for it. So, check back on this blog for updates on that. Thanks!

  1. Hi there, I’d like to talk to the developer(s) about possibly doing a blog post style review on my journaling site. I can’t tell who to get in contact with from this website … please let me know, thanks!

  2. I love it, but after updating to Android lolipop 5, it crashes immediately every time. Help!

  3. Is it still possible to link blip to day journal now that ubunto doesn’t exist. Can’t figure out how to get it to go with Dropbox to day journal.

    • First, make a backup of your journal folder. If you have Dropbox set up in Ubuntu and have Blip Journal syncing to Dropbox, good. If DayJournal used to import from Ubuntu One, the best solution would be to open up the file inside the ~/.config/daujournal directory and remove the line that has the path to your old Ubuntu One Blip Journal directory. Then open up DayJournal and it should automatically choose your Dropbox folder for your Blip entries and import the new ones.

  4. Downloaded Blip Journal on my Android phone. Where are my text files of the journal entries I made? Are they on my phone?

  5. I really like Blip Journal but I have not been able to sync with Dropbox. DayJournal works great. Do and BJ sit beside each other in me Dropbox folder. The DJ folder is filled. The BJ folder is empty. When l try to register with dropbox, I’m asked to agree using my email address. As soon as i agree, blip closes. Uninstallimg and reinstalling don’t help. Ow I’m trying to add DayJournal beta thru ppa, but my ubuntu is, 15.10 “and won’t recognize the repository. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  6. This is the perfect journal software. My only concern is it crashes when I try to link to dropbox and the create archive button seems to do nothing. I would love for the program to have the option to create a running .doc file so when I am gone, a family member could have the ability access the file without the app and to print out the journal like a book once I am gone.

    • Hi Dalton, there has been an update to Dropbox that breaks the functionality inside the Blip Journal app, but because the whole point of Blip Journal is to save in a future-proof plain text format, I recommend setting up a Dropbox folder syncing app to sync the files to Dropbox from your Android device for you. Let me know if you have questions about that. But yes, Blip Journal was made to save a journal in a way that can always be accessed without using Blip Journal, but entries are saved organized in a folder as text files instead of a doc file. The archive function creates an html file of your entire journal that’s easy to open in a browser on a computer and print out.

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