Blip Journal

Blip Journal for iPhone is available on the App Store.

Blip Journal is a simple, future-proof plain text journal that saves your entries in Dropbox.

Blip Journal is designed so that your entries are in your control and accessible with or without the Blip Journal app. So when Blip Journal is gone, your entries will be safe.

This is because Blip Journal saves entries in a human-readable, plain-text format designed to be used by far more than Blip Journal. Read more about the Blip Journal Format here.

For the initial launch, Blip Journal will allow you to add entries for the current moment and view, share, or delete past entries. Full sync, adding an entry for the past, or editing an entry’s date/time will come in future releases of the app. Because the initial version of the app will have limited features, it will be available at a lower price than full-featured future versions.