DayJournal for Windows is updated and awesome

A minimal, digital, and future-proof way to keep a plain text journal.

With DayJournal, your entries are…

Automatically saved.

Automatically organized.

Automatically yours.

DayJournal saves in .txt files in a no-nonsense way so you can do whatever you want with your files. Sync them with Dropbox. Edit them on your phone. Print them out and put them on the fridge.Why plain text files? To outlast DayJournal itself. Even if you stop using DayJournal, your files are still accessible in any text editor.

Here are some simple keyboard shortcuts to help you out:

Ctrl+O – Change the current DayJournal folder (or think of it as “Open” another journal so you can keep multiple journals)
Ctrl+T – Jump to Today’s entry
Ctrl+J, L, I, or K – Change the selected date by a day or week
Ctrl+D – Add the date to the beginning of the entry
Ctrl+. – Start a bulleted list
Ctrl+=,- – Increase/decrease font size

Sound good? Get DayJournal now.


2 thoughts on “DayJournal for Windows is updated and awesome

    • Hi! I hope I will be able to create a Mac version of DayJournal, yes. But it will be a while before I can work on that (I do not have a Mac) but I plan to. Keep checking back here for updates about that, or email me at zach [at] and ask me to email you personally when a Mac version is available to be the first to try it out 🙂

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