7 thoughts on “DayJournal Blip Journal and Day One Import Update

      • I understand, but I already have a plain text system in place. I want to make sure how your app handles files and entries is compatible with what I am already doing. Thanks.

      • OK cool thanks. Is there a way to modify how the filename is handled? User preference perhaps? I don’t use time stamps in filenames, and I have a specific YMD format I’d like to use. And can I save the folder anywhere I’d like in Dropbox or does it have to stay in the BlipJournal folder?

      • Nope, filenames are how it keeps track of the time/date data of the entries. And, nope, but if you’re on a mac maybe you could cook up some workflows with Automator or Hazel that would convert and move the files.

      • Thanks. The enforced filing system feels a bit too much like a proprietary format for my setup, but I’ve not seen any other apps that even take the plain text journaling approach. Glad to see anything in this direction out there. Wish I could use this but will stick with my current workflow. Thanks again.

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