Get DayJournal for Windows for Free

I am reading a chapter about Journaling this week in a book called Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. I encourage you to check out that book, and in honor of it, I am giving away DayJournal for Windows for Free! Download it right now if you’d like.

The Windows version of DayJournal is similar to the Ubuntu version, but much simpler with less features.

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts to use:

Ctrl+O – Change the current DayJournal folder (or think of it as “Open” another journal so you can keep multiple journals)
Ctrl+T – Jump to Today’s entry
Ctrl+J, L, I, or K – Change the selected date by a day or week
Ctrl+D – Add the date to the beginning of the entry
Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- – Increase/decrease font size

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