Available in the Ubuntu Software CenterYou can also donate a small amount to support development of DayJournal and install a development version of DayJournal via PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thejambi/thejambi
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dayjournal

Important: I am now unable to properly build for the PPA. Download the latest installer here. That does not include a launcher or icon, so you may need those as well.

DayJournal is a minimalistic digital journal that lets the content you create outlast DayJournal itself.

  • Future proofs your journal entries by saving them as plain text and organizing them as you go. This means you can read or create entries when you don’t have DayJournal.
  • Automatically saves as you write.
  • Easily sync journals with Ubuntu One or Dropbox because you choose where your journal folder is.
  • Add pictures to your journal entries.
  • Manage multiple journals.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to navigate through entries.
  • Menus are designed to work with Ubuntu’s HUD.
  • Create a journal archive file, an html page that looks great when printed so you can keep a physical journal too.
  • Add to your journal from anywhere with Blip Journal for Android. DayJournal can automatically import entries synced to Dropbox from Blip Journal. On iOS? Now DayJournal can automatically import entries synced to Dropbox from the Day One app as well.

Simply put, DayJournal is the simple digital journal that finally does it right.


Get DayJournal now for Ubuntu or try a simple version for Windows.

81 thoughts on “DayJournal

  1. It’s really cool app I always dreamed of something like this; so am looking foreword to see it on Ubuntu software center 🙂

  2. Well done love the app! keep it going ubuntu and linux community need more people like you! thankyou for all your hard work

  3. Great app! Will you make it possible to choose destination folder?

    Also, is there an easy way to make a tray icon out of it? I would love to make DayJournal a part of my daily workflow, and I believe it would be easier to remember with a tray icon present.

    Furthermore, if there would be some way to implement a reminder feature saying “Hey, don’t you want to write in the DayJournal?” before shutting down the computer – that would be absolutely awesome

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Martin,

    I’m working on rewriting DayJournal with more features and changing where the entries are saved is working. If you really are enjoying it, please click on the DayJournal icon in the post to go to a page where you can support its development. If you do, I’ll be in touch by email and you’ll be the first to see the new features. I like the suggestions!

  5. Hi there! I want to start DayJournal from the terminal, but I cant find where dayjournal command is located. Please can you tell me where the app is installed?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Patrick, currently I don’t have DayJournal say up for translations but I would love to do that and have it translated if you can help! Thank you very much for your interest in DayJournal and offering to do that. I will be working on it, so keep checking my website here for updates on when it is ready to be translated.

  6. Nice and simple Daily Journal.
    Please ad the option to set the folder-path to an optional Dropbox-folder to allow sync between Windows and Ubuntu.

  7. Any updates coming along? I love the simplicity of this tool on Ubuntu. I purchased in May 2013, but now when I want to reinstall the purchase (after wiping this machine), I get the problem that it is not available for my version of Ubuntu (13.04).

    • Hi Casey, I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you from the software center. I’ll get in touch via email soon with a link to the latest version for you.

    • Hi Casey,
      I sent the DayJournal installer to you at the email address you left your comments from. Let me know if there’s a better place I should send it. Thanks!

  8. I really like DayJournal, it is exactly what I need, I just wish I could open it from the terminal but it is not working..

    In the terminal I type dayjournal and get dayjournal: command not found

    Can sombody please help me?


  9. sorry i just find out that it is not open source….. great app though. This app’s simplicity is proof of greatness, very elegant. chapeau!

  10. Hi I bought and installed it form Ubuntu software center. Got the icon in my launcher but it won’t open when clicked. The icon just pulses a few times and then nothing happens…

    • Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t heard of this problem before but I will try to help. First, I would suggest installing DayJournal from the PPA (details near the top of this page) – I made this PPA available because the software center takes too long to publish updates, so it will give you the newer version. Perhaps reinstalling will fix the issue.

      If that does not fix it, try opening DayJournal from a terminal (with the command: dayjournal) and let me know any error messages that are given there. You can post it here or send it via email to

  11. Did like you said. Here’s the output from opeing in t:
    ** (dayjournal:24681): CRITICAL **: file UserSettingsManager.c: line 866: uncaught error: Key file does not have group ‘Journals’ (g-key-file-error-quark, 4)

    ** (dayjournal:24681): CRITICAL **: gee_abstract_collection_get_size: assertion ‘self != NULL’ failed

    (dayjournal:24681): Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached to GtkMenuButton

    (dayjournal:24681): Gtk-WARNING **: Can’t set a parent on widget which has a parent

    (dayjournal:24681): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_date_time_difference: assertion ‘begin != NULL’ failed

    ** (dayjournal:24681): CRITICAL **: file BlipLoader.c: line 1340: uncaught error: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)

    (dayjournal:24681): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_date_time_difference: assertion ‘end != NULL’ failed

    • Thanks for sharing. Looks like a problem that must have came up in the last couple of updates, I should be able to fix this for you. Try updating DayJournal from the PPA tomorrow, I will have a fix out tonight sometime.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t recreate this issue where I am at. Do you have files from the Day One app synced to Dropbox? There seems to be an issue with converting the time of the entries. Let me know, and I will keep looking into this issue.

    • Hi again, since it looks like you do use Day One synced to Dropbox, if that’s right then it may just be taking a while before loading DayJournal because it will work on importing your entries before the window is displayed. After the initial load it shouldn’t take long to load.

  12. Hi, I’m having a few issues trying to use Day One with DayJournal. Will DayJournal import subsequent changes made in Day One? In other words, if I use Day One and import that day’s entries at 11:00am into DayJournal, then enter more text in Day One later that day, are the later changes supposed to be imported into DayJournal? I’m not seeing that happening. (Also, should the Day Journal journal folder when using Dropbox to share with Day One be ‘Day One/Journal.dayone’ or ‘Day One/Journal.dayone/entries’?) Thanks!

    • It will only import entries once, so updates to Day One entries won’t do anything. If you are simply adding to an entry, adding a new entry instead would work. About the folder needed, I can check to see, but if you’ve seen anything imported, then you’ve got it right. I thought that was automatic.. Let me know if you have any other questions. The Day One import was added just so I could use it, and knowing how it works is pretty important to using it well and have it be reliable.

  13. I am experiencing sync failure kinda like the ones described in previous comments. Importing DayOne entries doesn’t work at all, no matter where I set the journal folder.

    This is not cool! I paid for this app, specifically because it says sync to DayOne iOS/Mac App via Dropbox supposedly works. I really hope this will be fixed or that I’ll get help on the matter!

    • Hi Ben, first I’d suggest installing via the PPA as detailed on this page for the latest version. Maybe that will work to import your Day One entries. I still use Day One to add to my journal, so I’ll help you get it working. Let me know if installing the latest version from the PPA doesn’t change things, and we’ll work from there to figure it out.

  14. I have some suggestions:

    Change the structure of the articles to:

    Feature list
    How to install

    That way it is easier to catch, what the program is good for.

    And it follows some logic, from knowing what it is to installing.

  15. This is wonderful. I have looked so long for a plain text based journal with a nice interface, and they are hard to come by. Thank you! The only feature that would be nice in addition is a search bar. But that’s details.

  16. I am working on the packaging for Fedora. For Gnome, it would be nice to have an icon. Do you mind if we use the one from the top of this page? There is not one in the source archive.

  17. […] DayJournal by Burn Software This is a simple Linux app that is wonderful for a couple of reasons. The interface is minimalist, but I love the fact that it has a very simple, intuitive file structure, and it’s text file based. I can write a text file elsewhere, and drop it in the file structure and it works so long as I name it according to their convention. This is great. They do have a Windows version, but nothing for Mac, and I have been unable to get the Windows version going through Wine or anything like that. If I could get it going on Mac, it would totally become my go-to. […]

  18. Hey, do you plan on making a version of DayJournal for machines in ARM configurations? I currently have an ARM chromebook and unfortunately cannot install it. I would love to be able to use DayJournal and I think it’d be great if you made a version for ARM.


    • Thanks for asking. That would be great but unfortunately I don’t know how to do it. The source is all available for anyone who is able to build it for that.

      • You are very welcome! I’ve only just started using linux and it’s apps like this that make me love it. Coming from mac os, this is amazing! 😀

        So if you ever need any translations for your programs, just give me a shout! 😀 :3

  19. Help! I paid to download the Windows version of DayJournal, but received nothing. Nothing in my email. Did I miss something?

  20. Hello…? Can you still help me with this download? I’d really like to try DayJournal. It seems to offer everything I need, and nothing I don’t.

    • Just like you would backup any files! The point of DayJournal is that it saves everything as plain text so it’s “exported” by default. Files are probably stored in your main documents folder by default.

      • Excellent! I found the folder, and it’s very easy to back up. The simplicity of DayJournal is its strongest feature. It makes it resillient, robust, and portable. It’s uncomplicated, so I create my own templates. It’s lightweight and easy on system resources. Exactly what I wanted. I’m an instant fan!

    • Another thing , what application do I need to send the journals in my smartphone to the Computer? I have Xubuntu 18.04 and Android 7.0 .
      Thank you !

      • If my Blip Journal app is still available, you can set up a manual Dropbox syncing app to put the journal files in Dropbox/apps/Blip Journal… but let me know if you need help with that.

        Currently I don’t know of any apps that focus on the DayJournal format.

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