Install From the PPA

The apps I make here are free. There are various ways you can donate to support what I’m working on whether it be through Gumroad or the Ubuntu Software Center. But the versions of these apps on the Ubuntu Software Center will not be updated. You can always have the latest versions by installing from the PPA or downloading the individual installers from the PPA packages page.

Set up the PPA by doing this, for example, to install P.S. Notes:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thejambi/thejambi
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install psnotes

If the PPA does not work for you, or you want to simply download the .deb packages without using the PPA, you can do that from the ppa package details page.

I recommend using elementary OS to have the best experience with your computer. The PPA will be best supported on the latest version of elementary.

Please say thank you for my work – and spread the word!

I have worked hard to create the best plain-text, future-proof journal for Ubuntu, the best plain-text no-nonsense note taking solution for Ubuntu, and the best task manager that works with todo.txt for Ubuntu. To support my work, visit and pay what you would like for any of these apps you enjoy. I appreciate the support and encouragement!

I can’t get by without these on my computer – they are that essential! Please spread the word to Ubuntu users you know who might benefit from using these tools.

Circle of Fifths – Infinite 2048 Game Available for iPhone!

I’ve been hard at work with Caleb on our Circle of Fifths app for iPhone since our Kickstarter campaign finished. Well now the app is available for iPhone on the app store! Get it now, turn up the volume, and experience it!

Be sure to try out my favorite color scheme, ICIYL, from the Settings in the app, and check out I CARE IF YOU LISTEN today.

SpitzScore for Android – Spitzer Scorekeeper app

SpitzScore for Android is available now.

Here’s some quick instructions for using the app that will give you an idea of what it’s like to use it:

– Tap a player’s name to add them to the Black Queens team, and tap them again to remove them
– Tap the “+” on a player to add a call for them, such as Zola, or mark them as going Sneaker
– Then select how many point cards the calling/Black Queen team won during the hand
– Double tap Apply Points to add the points and get ready for the next hand. Easy!

SpitzScore – Spitzer Card Game Scorekeeper is Coming Soon

My friends and I play a card game called Spitzer. It’s a complicated game that I’ve drawn a flowchart multiple times to help explain it to others. I’ve created an app to help keep score while playing, and it has proved itself to be incredibly helpful. SpitzScore, the Spitzer Scorekeeper app is coming soon to the iPhone app store and more. Because it has been built by me I am sure it is biased toward my variation of the rules, but hopefully it helps anyone who plays! Future updates will include explanations of the rules of the game to help others learn the game. It’s worth spreading.

The SpitzScore app is coming soon.