Please say thank you for my work – and spread the word!

I have worked hard to create the best plain-text, future-proof journal for Ubuntu, the best plain-text no-nonsense note taking solution for Ubuntu, and the best task manager that works with todo.txt for Ubuntu. To support my work, visit and pay what you would like for any of these apps you enjoy. I appreciate the support and encouragement!

I can’t get by without these on my computer – they are that essential! Please spread the word to Ubuntu users you know who might benefit from using these tools.

7 thoughts on “Please say thank you for my work – and spread the word!

  1. Hey there – I am loving the Day Journal app and have bought it for two of my machines so I have it when travelling as well…. I’ve also just started with Blip Journal, which looks fantastic as well… I have only one issue and I hope this is the correct place to ask for assistance… I have Day Journal talking to a sync’d DropBox folder and have connected Blip Journal to the same DropBox account – it put’s its files in a different location in DropBox and I can’t seem to make the Blip Journal entries appear in my Day Journal. I’ve tried moving the Day Journal to the same top level folder as Blip Journal but with no luck… could you possibly help me out here, as this is one of the most exciting features I was looking forward to use!!!
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jason, let’s try to figure it out! If you have your Dropbox folder in the default location on the desktop, DayJournal should automatically find your Blip Journal entries and import them into your journal. You can email me at zburnhamdev at and I can help more there. Thanks!

  2. Hey thanks for the prompt reply… I’ve fired off a couple of emails to you (they will come from a slightly different email address), but I am excited to get this working – I’ve been waiting years for something like this!!! 😀

  3. Hi again – I’ve been using this application both on my Ubuntu machines and my Android phone for some month now… I can only say that it does exactly what I want it to and in the way I want it!! It’s fantastic. The support is fantastic as well as I’ve had nothing but fast and friendly help for the odd user error I’ve come up with… Anyone wishing to keep any sort of diary… This is it!!!

  4. Me again – I think I posted my praise in on the wrong page – apologies…. In the meantime, just a quick one: There has been some sort of distro upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (32/64bit) in the past couple of days, and now Day Journal says it’s not supported on this version – guessing a version change and recompile?!?!? Any chance of an update soon?? Many thanks as always.

      • DUH!! I did this before on my other machine, so I have no idea why I suddenly decided to try to install it from the software centre!! I’m a moron sometimes… So, that fixed it… thanks very much as always. When you get time, can I request an additional configuration option, to be able to configure the location of the Blip Journal, to save me having to modify the config file by hand.. I’m sure other people will find it useful as well.
        Keep up the fantastic work and many thanks for the help again.

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