A Digital Daily Prayer Journal

Using note cards to keep track of things you are praying for really struck me as a great idea. In the book A Praying Life, author Paul Miller explains how he uses this as a way to keep his prayer life on track. Take a look at this post for a quick overview of what the book has to say and another great example on how to use note cards. It didn’t take me long to realize that P.S. Notes is a perfect way to keep track of your prayer “cards” in a digital way.

The idea of keeping a prayer journal is also one that I really connect with as well. A way to record and look back through time at the needs we have and how they have been met, the things we worry about and how that changes–that’s something I want. And, if I wanted to do something like that digitally, I would find DayJournal a perfect fit. It’s a simple daily way to sit down and write what I’m thinking and praying.

Since it seems that using P.S. Notes alongside DayJournal is a great solution to turn your computer into a way to keep a digital prayer notebook, I am excited to mash the two together and create something new called Devotion Prayer Journal. You can try a proof-of-concept version of it now by downloading the executable file here (64bit Ubuntu).

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