Update to DayFolderPro Beta for Ubuntu

DayFolder lets you create rules for certain types of files. For example, one rule I have set up is for any files I download with file extension of .jpg go to my Pictures folder.

DayFolderPro lets you monitor multiple directories in the way that DayFolder monitors just one. But with the most recent update to DayFolderPro you can create rules based on any key word or phrase in a file name. This means not only can you move all .pdf files to a certain place, but also move any files with “donut” in their name. This seemingly-simple change means that DayFolderPro is now much more flexible and gives you more power in organizing your files.

This is just the beginning of more advanced rules and additional rule actions. Got ideas for types of rules or actions you’d like to be able to automatically apply to your files? Support development of DayFolderPro and I’ll get in touch with you with information on how to install the current version and to ask you for your feedback and suggestions.


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