Update to DayJournal Beta for Ubuntu

There is an update to DayJournal for Ubuntu that is available to try now for a $1 contribution. Here are some of the things it can do.

  • Keep a journal with plain text files that will outlast DayJournal itself and still be accessible
  • Automatically saves your journal entries as you type
  • Days with existing entries are marked on the calendar
  • All settings available through app menu and through Ubuntu’s HUD
  • Change between journals by changing the DayJournal folder – this means easy-as-pie Dropbox or Ubuntu One synchronization
  • Quickly open the journal directory to see how DayJournal saves your entries as text files
  • Change the entry date with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+I,J,K, or L
  • Jump to today’s entry with Ctrl+T
  • And more in the works!

Also, you can support development of DayJournal in order to get involved in suggesting features and giving other feedback, as well as getting all future beta version updates! Or you can just get this version.

Disclaimer: This is a beta version, so there are a few menu items, etc that aren’t quite implemented yet or need to be removed.


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