DayFolderPro is coming!

I’m excited that DayFolder is being used and helping people keep some order in their Desktops, Downloads, Documents, and all those other directories we have.

Well, the idea is for DayFolder to be clean, easy, and simple, yet capable of helping out a lot. But what if it could be more robust? Soon, I’ll be releasing a beta of DayFolderPro, which will be a paid version of DayFolder. This is so those who really enjoy using DayFolder can support me and have a program that will do all that and more.

Please check out the order page and purchase the DayFolderPro beta! Once it is ready, I’ll send it out to you right away. Purchasing this also gets you all updates to DayFolderPro!

Anybody who purchases this pre-order will not only be among the first to support DayFolder but will also have me listening to you on any suggestions you might have for new features or updates. Or if you’d like to purchase it just to say thanks for the work I’ve done on DayFolder already, that’d be great.

Thank you!


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