Connect to TI 83+, etc Calculator in Ubuntu

You have questions. Here are the answers:

  • Yes, you can do it.
  • Yes, it is easy.

First, install the tilp2 program from the software center. Or, do sudo apt-get install tilp2.

Next, you might want to create a launcher for this application. In Ubuntu 11.10 or similar, you can go into the dash and search for “Main menu” to bring up the menu editor. Create a menu item somewhere, and use this command: gksu tilp. I named my menu item TI Connect.

Open the TI Connect program or use gksu tilp to run the program. Right click in the Calculator files window in the program, and choose Change device. Select Direct Link for the cable type and #1 for Port. You should probably select the kind of calculator you have in the Calc dropdown also. Then click OK. Next time you open the program, click Dirlist in the toolbar and it should scan your calculator.

Now you can transfer, backup, etc! It feels great to remember how nerdy you were in high school, doesn’t it?

If you want to code a fun game for a friend who’s still in high school and uses these calculators, try a site like to manage your coding projects! There’s a web-based app that will convert your 8xp files and let you edit them on the computer. Enjoy!


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