Gmail in the mail menu – Ubuntu 11.04

Here’s how I got Gmail listed instead of Evolution in the indicator in Ubuntu 11.04. I basically followed some instructions on this page.

Get rid of Evolution in the mail menu.

– Put the following line in a text file:
– Save that file with the name “Evolution” to the ~/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist/ directory.
– Evolution will not be listed in the mail menu after you log out and back in later.

Install a handy Gmail app that lives in the mail menu.

– Run this command to install gm-notify:
sudo apt-get install gm-notify
– Find and run the Gmail Notifier Configuration program. Enter your Gmail account info, etc. Check the box so it runs at startup, and then click Apply. Then click Close if it doesn’t close.
– If Ubuntu asks you for a password to set up a keyring, check out this post to make it stop asking you for that password. Because if you’re anything like me, I don’t want it to ask me for that all the time.
– Log out and back in again for everything to take effect.


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