Fix the annoying default keyring prompts in Ubuntu 11.04

Whenever logging into Ubuntu, it is prompting for the default keyring password and it’s annoying. Run these following commands in a terminal to fix it:

cd ~/.gnome2/keyrings/
rm login.keyring
mv default.keyring login.keyring

It shouldn’t ask you for the password again, just like it shouldn’t!

Download these commands in a script to easily run them again: here it is.

EDIT: This isn’t a perfect fix, though, because the next time you set up a password that’s stored in the keyring, the problem will come up again. So please share the better solution if you’ve got it!

Major Update:

The fix for this may be as easy at this (but I’m not sure):

  • Open up the program called “Passwords and Encryption Keys” (I searched for “keys” in the dash and hit enter to open it)
  • Right click on the “Passwords: login” keyring and select “Set as default”
  • Then I deleted any other keyrings that existed.
  • Leave a comment and let me know if this solves the problem!

5 thoughts on “Fix the annoying default keyring prompts in Ubuntu 11.04

  1. The fix for me was quite simple. I like to auto-login to my laptop as if makes booting “feel” faster. The problem for me was that this keyring password was prompted as the wireless passwords are saved with all of the rest of my passwords (really dumb idea, I think – if someone has my laptop I think that my wireless network password is the LAST thing I will be worried about).

    Long story short, in 11.04 I had to right click on the power/session icon in the top right (default location) and then select “System Settings” yay, a M$-type control panel pops up (in linux, huh?) In this control panel you can find the “Passwords and Encryption Keys” under the “Other” heading. Open that up and you will find the main one marked “Passwords:login.” right click on this and “Change password” Enter the old password and leave both of the new passwords empty. Hit “OK” then “Use unsafe storage” on the next window that pops up and the prompt will never return.

    Hope this helps a few of you others out!

  2. Thanks for that reply, Gavin! Sounds like a nice and easy solution. I will try exactly that if this problem arises for me again.

  3. Thanks, the first fix worked perfect for me. Although there was no ‘default.keyring’ file to use, The next time I went to log into my network, it asked me to “create a new keyring” which I just left blank and clicked ‘okay’. Hasn’t asked me for it since.

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