DayFolder to clean your Desktop

DayFolder is a script I quickly wrote that will clear up your desktop at the click of a button. Here’s the scenario: You’ve been on the computer doing some awesome things all day and you ended up with a bunch of stuff on your desktop. You run DayFolder and everything you’ve got laying around your Desktop is put into a folder stamped with today’s date and filed away in the DayFolder directory on your desktop so you can start tomorrow with a clean slate but easily get to all that stuff you did today.

Download DayFolder Script

Download the script I have written here.

Creating A DayFolder Launcher

Download and put it in a directory in your home folder somewhere. I put mine in a hidden folder in my home directory called .bash_scripts.

Make the script executable. In a terminal run this command, substituting the folder you put in for my “.bash_scripts”:
chmod +x ~/.bash_scripts/

Make a Launcher. Go in to edit the Ubuntu menus or right click on the desktop to create a launcher there, whichever you like. Set the launcher Type to “Application in Terminal” and set the Name to DayFolder. Click the browse button to navigate to where you put the file (remember to ctrl+h if you used a hidden directory like me). Click OK and you should have a launcher that will automatically run the DayFolder script!

Thanks to the minimal linux blog post for the idea.

– The script now names the folder for the day in the form of YY-MM-DD so the folders are properly sorted when looking at them in a list.
– If you run from the terminal (as opposed to a launcher) the script gives feedback of what it did, like if it created today’s folder or if there weren’t any files to be moved, etc. Some instructions have been added in the code to help anyone who may want to change their “DayFolder” location as well.

Any Questions? If you have a suggestion on how you’d like this script to work any differently, please let me know in the comments. I’d be glad to change it up so it behaves a little differently if you’d like.


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