How I recorded video in Ubuntu from my webcam

Hello! I have never been able to record video from Ubuntu before today. For the longest time, I never even had a webcam to test it out with, but I knew that people seemed to have issues with this. Well now that I have an awesome (really) new laptop from System76, I wanted to test it out. It has a nice webcam in it.

So Ubuntu comes shipped with a program called Cheese by default. This program has some nice effects and is a general photobooth type program. But it can’t record video to save its life. It’s very frustrating. It should probably not even claim to be able to record video it’s so bad. It shouldn’t have the option to record video.

So here’s the program you use. It’s called guvcview. In Ubuntu it can be found in the software center and installed easily from there.

The program doesn’t look quite as nice as it could, but it really is a quite easy interface to use. There are just a lot of settings to look at. In order for my audio to sync up with the video while recording, I needed to change my “Input device” to “pulse” on the Audio settings tab.


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