Quality: Be Certain

As I said in my previous post, it’s always a blessing to hear honest, constructive feedback from someone. I was encouraged by my employer at the end of this summer when I was told I have a tendency towards a great quality: being flexible with work. I was also told I have another great quality: being certain I have all the details on the work I am assigned.

Be Certain

Being certain will allow the best possible work to be done efficiently. Throughout this past summer, I would analyze and be sure to ask questions about any work I did, to be sure I knew what I was going to be doing, why I was going to do it, and how I was going to do it. When you are sure of the specifics of a task, you are more involved in it and can work harder and more passionately towards the finished product.

Even outside of a work environment, this is true. For example, as a friend and I were driving through a foreign (and terrifying – but that’s another story) area in Tennessee and North Carolina at 1 o’clock in the morning, I was acting as a navigator with the map, while he was simply driving. stopping at a rest stop, we studied a map together, tracing the best route to take to get to where we were headed. When my friend was able to see the map and picture the route we were taking, as opposed to simply driving through the route as I directed him, he was more involved, more encouraged, and, frankly, more awake as we continued the long drive through the night.

It is my goal to be as certain as I can about the task at hand. The more I know about what I’m doing, the more invested I can be in it. When I know where I’m going, then I’ll truly be awake.


One thought on “Quality: Be Certain

  1. I totally agree with this! This is why I tend to ask too many questions when someone tells me to do something. Ha. But yes, I like being aware of everything that needs to be done and how to do it. It produces less stress [which helps since I’m ALWAYS stressed to some degree, so less is better] and more confidence about what I’m doing –both good things that I definitely need (:

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